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Vesta is committed to keeping you informed about the latest medical device manufacturing innovations and how to leverage them for your business. We’ll frequently update this page with partner success stories and articles featuring our tips and thought leadership. Check back often to see what’s new!

Vesta Manufacturing Design Solutions Improve Quality and Reliability

  • A leading multinational cardiovascular medical device OEM needed help to address quality and supply issues and was impressed by Vesta’s expertise and capabilities.
  • Vesta’s recommended design refinements and capabilities resulted in more consistent production, reduced manufacturing costs and elimination of unnecessary additives.
  • Enabled customer to meet market demands and achieve growth goals

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Feature Articles

Feature Article 1

Streamlining Your Supply Chain: How to Choose the Right Supplier as a Partner

Today’s business environment is as challenging as ever for a medical device OEM. To reduce costs and stay competitive, OEMs must continually evaluate different options. To meet their devices’ design requirements, supply chain managers must manage a fragmented, specialized supply base with varying capabilities. For OEMs requiring extrusions and secondary operations from different sources, juggling multiple suppliers and longer lead times is a challenge. For OEMs performing the secondary operations in-house, costs can also be high. Let’s consider a couple of actual case study problems — and their solutions.
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Feature Article 2

The Best Balloons: Choosing the Right Manufacturing Process for Your Silicone Medical Balloon

Compliant medical balloons are often produced from silicone due to its biocompatibility and because its tensile and elongation properties allow balloons to expand as internal pressure increases. There are three processes used to manufacture compliant silicone medical balloons: extrusion, molding and dip casting. Process and material choice will depend on your design and application requirements. Which one is right for your medical balloon? Read on for answers.
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Feature Article 3

Three Tips for Specifying Silicone Tolerances

Specifying optimal tolerances for silicone molding requires special consideration. In this article, you’ll learn three tips to help you understand silicone tolerances and facilitate the success of your next silicone medical device component from a Vesta Project Engineer.
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