Balloon Tubing


Coronary, Peripheral, Neurovascular and Nonvascular

Vesta’s precision medical extrusion solutions optimize the clinical outcome of thermoplastic balloon tubing for the medical device industry.


Dilatation, Drug and Device Delivery, Occlusion and More

Vesta’s balloon tubing produces high-yielding medical device balloons with uniform wall thickness, excellent concentricity, and optically clear and repeatable mechanical properties necessary for critical clinical applications. We provide medical device design assistance to ensure optimal clinical outcome.


Extrusion Carefully Stressed to Support the Introduction of a Balloon Feature

Vesta’s fully integrated facility affords tight manufacturing controls for the critical parameters necessary to ensure optimal balloon performance.


Extruded, Tested and Inspected for Quality

Vesta controls each step in manufacturing high-yield balloon tubing. We extrude high-quality and highly concentric tubing that meets specific dimensional and cosmetic requirements. Vesta controls important mechanicals such as elongation and tests the tubing to ensure that required functional properties are met and defects are eliminated. After extrusion, our trained inspectors inspect the tubing to ensure quality.


High-Quality Balloon Tubing, Thin Walls and High Burst Pressures

Vesta’s experienced team ensures that the tubing adheres to customer-specified dimensional and mechanical requirements. Our expertise includes:

  • Balloon tubing manufacturing
    • Excellent concentricity > 90%
    • Even wall thickness tolerance ± 0.0005" (± 0.012 mm)
    • Tight dimensional tolerance ± 0.0005" (± 0.012 mm)
    • Repeatable mechanical properties, such as elongation and tensile strength
    • Inspection of tubing for cosmetic defects
    • Testing: fatigue, burst, collapse
  • Custom materials and shapes available by request
  • Irradiation for polyolefin balloon tubing
  • Rapid extrusion services